Eggs Benedict

Two open halves of an English Muffin, topped with perfectly poached local free  range eggs, hollandaise sauce and your choice of protein


Eggs Benedict – Smoked Ham                                         9.50

Eggs Florentine - Spinach                                          9.00

Eggs Royale – Smoked Salmon                                       10.50

Eggs Cwtch – Bacon & Avocado                                      10.50


Smashed Avocado and Eggs on Sourdough

Seasoned, homemade guacamole on sliced homemade sourdough, topped with perfectly poached local free range eggs with your choice of protein


Straight up                     8.50

Spinach                         9.00 Smoked Salmon               10.50

Smoked Ham                      9.50 Crispy Bacon                10.50


Welsh Breakfast

2 poached eggs, 2 slices of crispy bacon, 2 Cumberland sausages, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns

Full                            12.00 Mini                       7.50


Welsh Veggie / Vegan Breakfast

2 poached eggs, 2 vegan sausages, spinach, herb garlic roasted tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, avocado, hash browns

Veggie                          12.00 Vegan (without eggs)       10.00



Espresso                    1.70      Double Espresso    2.20

Macchiato                   2.50      Americano          2.70

Latte/Iced Latte            3.10      Cappuccino         3.10

Mocha/Iced Mocha            3.40      Flat White         3.00

Tea                         2.50      Hot chocolate      3.00

Babyccino                   1.00      Milkshakes         3.90


Add syrup                   0.50      Add cream          0.50

Dairy free milk (Soya, Oat, Almond or Coconut)           0.50


Coca Cola/7up               2.00      Coke Zero          1.80

San Pellegrino              2.50      Suso               2.00




Berry-Go-Round (Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries)

Doctor Beet (Beetroot, Carrot, Mango)

Pash-n-Shoot (Passionfruit, Mango, Pineapple)

Kale Kick (Kale, Spinach, Mango)

Strawberry Split (Strawberry, Banana)

Broccoli and the Beast (Broccoli, Spinach, Celery, Mango, Pineapple, Banana)

Acai Dream (Acai berries, banana)


SWEET TREATS (see our daily selection)


Pastries                    2.50      Croissant             3.00

Scone w/ Jam & Cream        3.50      Hand made cakes       3.50

Flapjacks/Slices            2.50      Donuts                2.00

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